Shadow Training

This site allows you to practice Krav Maga, using images simulating aggressions: an attack image is shown and you react.

How it works ?

  1. You choose a training. For example: Knife Attacks.
  2. You determine the time between each attack, the number of repetitions, etc.
  3. You start training: the attacks are shown in a random order.
    It's up to you to react !

Start the training !

Where to train ?

The attack images are displayed in full screen, allowing maximum visibility on a phone as on a television. Train in your living room, in your garden ... or just mentaly at the office !


This site is not intended to teach you Krav Maga. Despite the possibility of displaying the descriptions of the defenses, Shadow Training is a training service allowing you to perfect your skills in addition to your regular training.

To find a course, go to the Krav Maga Global Belgium Web Site.